Benefits of Replacement Windows

A home with new windows is a more comfortable environment to live in. They also help improve a home’s curb appeal and can increase its resale value in the future.Replacement Windows

The most common replacement window style is the double-hung. These windows offer increased airflow and easy cleaning. They’re available in various designs and frame materials to complement any architectural style. For professional assistance, contact Kelemer Brothers Replacement Windows now!

When homeowners choose to replace their old windows with new, energy-efficient models, they immediately increase the value of their property. They also save money on their heating and cooling costs, reduce carbon emissions and create a more comfortable home environment.

New replacement windows are made of quality materials that can effectively seal out outside temperatures and insulate the living space. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to complement any home design. In addition, they are available with concealed shading elements that are controlled by a simple lever for maximum comfort and privacy.

Choosing energy-efficient windows is a great way to reduce the amount of solar heat that penetrates your home in the summer. The insulated frames and glazing help to keep the indoor temperature more stable, while reducing the amount of air that can escape from the home in the winter.

The new double or triple pane windows are also designed to reduce transmitted radiation that can cause carpet, furniture, artwork and other components and features in the home to fade. This means that your interior furnishings and decor will retain their vibrant colors, which can add to the overall look of your property.

A common question that many homeowners ask when considering new windows is how long it will take for the investment to be recouped in energy savings. According to Wasielewski, it can take up to 70 years for the energy efficiency of new windows to pay for themselves in savings.2

One of the best ways to offset the cost of new energy efficient windows is by taking advantage of government and utility company rebates or incentives. Check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency for a list of programs by zip code, or contact your local energy department and utility company for more information.

Increased Curb Appeal

When it comes to boosting a property’s curb appeal, the windows of a building play a big role. A home with outdated windows can leave a bad first impression for visitors, but installing replacement windows will give the exterior of a building a fresh look that will instantly brighten up the overall appearance. And because replacement windows come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, they can be easily customized to complement the design and architecture of a building.

Aside from enhancing a property’s aesthetic, replacement windows can also add visual appeal to the structure by improving its proportions. Replacing asymmetrical windows with new, more proportional options will create a more balanced and visually appealing look for the property, which will enhance its curb appeal and improve its resale value.

Unlike new construction windows, replacement windows do not require any major alterations to the walls or trims of a building’s façade. This makes them a great option for remodeling or updating older homes that have perfectly-curated architectural details that you don’t want to disrupt.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic of a building, replacement windows can also help improve its energy efficiency. If you’re planning to replace your existing windows, consider replacing them with ENERGY STAR® qualified products to ensure that they meet the highest energy performance standards. And because ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors are easier to maintain than older models, you’ll save time and money on routine maintenance tasks.

Concealed Shading

A window shade offers you the flexibility of light control and privacy. Choosing the right fabric will determine your level of privacy and opacity. Sheer and semi-sheer fabrics offer more transparency, while opaque and blackout fabrics will keep the most amount of light out. The color you choose will also impact your room’s style. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, consider a cellular or honeycomb shade, which offer a sleek silhouette that sits flat against the window frame. If you want a more modern aesthetic, opt for a squared cassette valance that doesn’t jut out as much.

If your window sash has been left open for a long period of time, the wood will naturally swell and shrink with changing humidity levels, which can cause them to become stuck or jammed in their frames. Depending on the type of wood and the condition of your windows, they may eventually become rotted or moldy. Replacing the sash will help you avoid these issues in the future.

Using new construction windows will not only give you the benefits of energy efficiency, but will increase your home’s value. Using new construction windows requires cutting back the stucco four to eight inches and removing the flashing paper. Your contractor will then install the window, apply new flashing paper and replace the stucco, which can take up to three days.

Replacing aluminum windows with new double glazed and high performing Low-E glass will provide an immediate improvement in your home’s insulation. Unlike aluminum, vinyl is a durable material that won’t promote condensation or sweating in your window panes of glass and will not oxidize over time. Vinyl also provides superior resistance against break-ins.

Noise Reduction

Achieve a quiet indoor space with noise-reducing replacement windows. They diminish intrusive outdoor noises that can cause induced stress levels, a lack of sleep, and difficulty concentrating for those who work from home.

Replacement windows reduce outside noises through a variety of materials and design choices. The thicker and more insulated the window, the less sound it will transmit. Several options are available, including dual-pane or triple-pane windows with insulating gases like argon and krypton. They can also be fitted with acoustic glazing that utilizes polyvinyl butyral, micro rubber spacers, vacuum spacing, and coincidence frequency to absorb and disperse sound waves.

These advanced glass designs can also help limit the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of your home, reducing energy consumption. Other glass options include the use of mixed millimeter glass, which pairs different glass thicknesses to dampen sounds at a range of frequencies.

If you’re replacing an existing window, there are two types of replacement windows to choose from: a full frame replacement or pocket replacement. A full frame replacement will require the removal of the window frame, sashes and trim around the window. With a pocket replacement, the existing window is left in place and a new custom-fitted window with an attached frame is installed.

You can also add acoustic curtains to your replacement windows to further reduce outside noises. These curtains are made of a heavy fabric that can absorb and minimize sound waves. They can be paired with drapes and blinds to create a complete sound-dampening system that enhances your comfort and relaxation.


The tight seals of new windows will prevent hot and cold air from escaping your home. They also help protect against UV rays, which can cause your interior to heat up. This will provide comfort for your family and help maintain a stable temperature inside your home.

Old windows often let drafts slip into your house, creating a situation that can be dangerous for your pets and children. You may also have trouble opening your windows in the event of a fire, as older window frames can become crooked and stuck open. New replacement windows are designed with safety in mind, and they’re easy to operate to allow you to escape your home in the event of a fire.

Getting new replacement windows is an investment in your home’s safety, and the right ones will keep your family safe for years to come. The first step in the process is to measure your existing window frame. You’ll want to get three readings – one from each corner of the window, and one diagonal. These measurements will help determine whether or not your existing window is square and if it will fit into the available space.

If the size of your existing window is within the standard rough opening sizes of many homes, you can choose from a wide range of replacement windows. These are sized to fit into the existing window frame, so they won’t require major alterations to your walls, trims, or siding. You can also choose from a variety of styles to suit your home’s decor. These include double-hung windows that consist of two vertically sliding sashes that can be opened and closed for ventilation, and bay or bow windows, which feature curved glass and trim.